Exporting Services

Overseas Shipping Expertise

When choosing to purchase internationally, quality, integrity and knowledge are of utmost importance. Here are a few of the key benefits our international customers enjoy.

Customer Service Staff Dedicated to your Account

Our global customers are assigned specific Customer Service Representatives knowledgeable of international service.

Prompt, Professional Quotations

We take great pride in our quotations and ensuring that our customers know exactly what parts they are getting, the delivery times, and any facts pertinent to their potential order. Specifics include aftermarket versus genuine parts, new versus remanufactured parts, estimated delivery times for various options, and freight quotations.

Proper, Timely Documentation

Because we deal with international shipments on a daily basis, we usually know what paperwork customers want at what time and are able to provide this very efficiently with little lag time. We routinely provide pro-forma invoices, harmonized code commercial invoice, packing slips, bills of lading, certificates of origin, dynamometer test reports, warranty information, and even facilitate third party inspections.

Pride in Your Order

Markings in English, Spanish and Arabic for export to all country. Export approved crate with special markings. Long block in export approved crating with reinforcements to prevent shifting. Shipment of genuine Detroit Diesel parts ready to leave for East Africa. Parts requiring third party inspection with special markings.

Plastic pallet containing fragile gaskets and ring sets ready for international shipment.

We take a tremendous amount of care in packaging your international shipment ensuring that everything is organized for easy check in, packaged tightly so there is no damage in transit, and consolidated so that your freight expense is kept to a minimum.

Flexible Freight Options

Due to the volume of exporting we do, we are able to pass savings onto our customers. We routinely ship everything from small boxes to multiple 40-feet containers across the globe and can handle every aspect of the shipping process for you. If you already have an account with a preferred freight carrier, we will work with them to ensure that you receive your parts on time.

If you would like any additional information on our products or international freight capabilities, please email us at sales@ex-corp.com or call us at 973.227.5926.