Perkins Engine 1000 series

The evolution of success


In the last decade, the 4 and 6 litre , 4 and 6 cylinder Perkins 1000 Series with its unique combination of performance, reliability and value, has become a byword for today’s diesel engine. Perkins designed a range 50 to 134 kW to meet and exceed their customers’ requirements. For the manufacturer and user the result is a host of benefits : compliance with world-wide Stage 1 off-highway emissions control regulations ; improved performance and versatility ; reduced noise ; ease of servicing and maintenance.


Engine features :

  • Engine service life has been extended to 12,000 hours, an astonishing increase of up to 50%.
  • Cooling efficiency has been Improved by 47% on 4-litre models, and 15% on 6-litre models.
  • Complete installation continuity with the earlier 1000 Series.
  • The New 1000 Series is up to 3.3 dBA quieter. That's effectively a halving in noise output.

combustion system : reduces the environmental impact of diesel emissions, yet actually delivers increased work effort without fuel penalty